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Valhalla Wilderness Society

Polar bears in the rainforest of British Columbia? Albino bears? Good guess, but both are wrong. Haunting the ancient moss-laden forests along the Pacific coast are white-coated bears that are a subspecies of the North American black bear. Known as a Kermode or spirit bear, about one in ten is white, the rest coal-black. White ones are Canada's rarest bears. Spirit bears are found nowhere else than here. A large part of their homeland has been logged and the rest is threatened. Since 1987, the Valhalla Wilderness Society has had a conservation program to protect spirit bears. Recently there was big news that the B.C. provincial government protected about half of a large sanctuary proposed by our Society. An important step, but spirit bears still need more help. We are working on protecting more intact habitat and creating an anti-poaching fund to protect white bears. But we can't do it without you!
Box 329, New Denver, BC
 P: (250) 358.2333

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